Tuesday, December 4, 2012

GUILT Plain and simple.

Once there was this guy who went by the name Tom.  He lived a simple life and he had no desire to change and did not see any need to.  He woke early every morning, drank coffee, smoked his cigarettes and  went to work.  After work was the usual schedule for Tom, he would clock out, go grab a sixer at the store by the stop and head home.  On a good day he would  go meet his friends at the local pub and toss back a few, talk bullshit, trade and try to hit on the girls who walked in. The girls ignore the intoxicated group, all in their mid thirties, but look much older still blaming it on their exes, avoiding the truth that their life is the real reason.   With each shot they become more stronger, better looking, smarter and richer, in their own minds.   The music drones on, Tom and his buddies drink until happy hour is over.  Drunkenly dispersing for  home, each in his own direction. Tom with trade goods in hand heads to the inner city to do his dirty deeds.

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