Thursday, March 29, 2012

please remind me real heroes don't get thanks or appreciation. LIKE THANKSGIVING! SAVE THE PILGRUMS,THEY INFLICT THE FIRST BIOLOGICAL WARFARE!

It is best to read this and remember freedom of speech.

Unite to help stop the injustice!

Does surveillance video of George Zimmerman in police custody on the night of Trayvon Martin's death contradict claims that he was beaten and bloodied during an altercation with the Florida teen? NBC's Ron Allen reports.

When will people stop the hatred? When will people see past the color and only see the aura....

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Walk your Talk or get to Stepping

In the past 9 months I have lost 20-25 pounds. Some women would be elated, but not me. I struggle to keep myself up past 125 and so far I have been unsuccessful. I am now at a whopping 105 dressed and with my clothes and my boots on.

What caused this weight loss? Speculation would lead to stress, brought on by my environment. Not good...
Close to eight years ago a doctor told me I had to quit my job if I wanted to live. At the time I worked for our casino, graveyard shift as a slot technician. It was fun despite the intertribal politics and lateral violence. It was the hours, lack of proper sleep and poor eating habits. It was too easy to order meals to go every night, from the different restaurants in Tulalip resort. My kids loved the food, but it wasn't good for them either. I tried to work elsewhere in the casino, but it is territorial, and they are my people! They sent me termination notices, wouldn't allow me qualified medical leave, even though fibromyalgia is an certified disability. The end result was my being "released".. .
So, if this isn't a good place for me and is causing me to waste away, then I have to leave.

This bullying is not healthy, the so called leaders, they talk the talk but they do not walk the talk.

Let me tell you, you learn who your friends are and these people were and are not my friends. those who call themselves my family aren't. I know who my friends are and I love them all.

Kisses and Smooches to all of you ! You know who you are,